Seeing Is Believing

swimmer-1864303_960_720I always knew there was an outdoor pool where I swim. For the first little while, I did not go to it. One day, when the adult swimming lanes were all occupied inside, I decided to have a look at the outdoor pool. It was a sunny day with a vivid blue sky and plenty of white puffy clouds. The pool was more substantial than I imagined but it did not offer lap lanes. At five feet, the water was plenty deep for a great swim. The pool was mostly empty as most guests outside were there for the sun, not the water.

I entered the cool water and felt immensely happy. Just one other occupant and he didn’t appear to be a lap swimmer. As I took my space and moved back and forth in the water, the other guest stayed close to the edge of the pool. Before long, I noticed his arms moving under the water and in quick fashion, he raised one hand above the surface with the prize in his hand, his bathing suit.

In a split second decision, I looked away quickly and decided not to let this disturb me. The lifeguard was in place close by and after all, the other guest wasn’t actually threatening me. I continued my laps without missing a beat.

Some weeks later, I was alone in the hot tub. I looked up to see this same guest walking towards me to enter the hot tub. What to do? I looked in his direction again and noticed he wore the same brown swimsuit he had held in his hand that day, like a prize. On closer inspection I could see he donned a second, longer green suit beneath the first one. I giggled to myself and assume this had been the case the day I saw him holding the suit in his hand above the water’s surface. I started to wonder if he did this for the “shock value” but realized there are some things in life I will never know with absolute certainty. I did take away a lesson about making assumptions and decided that going forward, seeing is believing.


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From the Pool

All you need to know about me is that I swim daily in a pool on Cape Cod. While swimming, I find it fascinating to watch the stories unfold around me. Or the meditative swim allows me to free-think my way into a lifestory. My eyes remain wide open and above the waterline at all times!

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