Slavic Pool-Mates

Eastern Europeans in general seem to especially value the pool and spa.  They enjoy it as a family pastime, teach their children to swim at a young age, even use it as a social opportunity and meet friends there.  It fits in with their active lifestyle.  I hear their beautiful language and the young ones alternating between English and their parents native language, without missing a beat.  Fathers especially like to come with their three year-olds who swim like fish.  They also tend to linger over it.  The children are well-mannered and parents stay with their children and they play together.  Father swims laps carrying the wee one on his back.  Sometimes mother arrives later and takes the children home to feed them supper and put them to bed while father finishes his swim.  And they always swim in a steady, quiet, clean, and non-splashing manner.


Published by

From the Pool

All you need to know about me is that I swim daily in a pool on Cape Cod. While swimming, I find it fascinating to watch the stories unfold around me. Or the meditative swim allows me to free-think my way into a lifestory. My eyes remain wide open and above the waterline at all times!

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