The Scream

I finally understand. It began like a yawn, a bit voluntary but then quickly becoming involuntary. My face pinched up to howl, it rolled over me with a shudder. I noticed I was shaking and didn’t try to stop it. The noise I emitted was the saddest wail I had ever heard, a deep, guttural sorrow. Several waves of this followed. The person sitting next to me did not appear to hear or notice. I wondered if I was mad and whether I might be taken away. Rivers flowed from my eyes in a steady stream and then the episode stopped abruptly, same as it had arrived.


Published by

From the Pool

All you need to know about me is that I swim daily in a pool on Cape Cod. While swimming, I find it fascinating to watch the stories unfold around me. Or the meditative swim allows me to free-think my way into a lifestory. My eyes remain wide open and above the waterline at all times!

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